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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  August 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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zza rolls. the pizza way to snack. right now at 6:00, were signs of trouble missed? a murder-suicide ends. an unbelievable loss for american forces in afghanistan. the deadliest single incident in the 10-year war. we are on top of the developing story. the u.s. credit rating down grading is fueling a round of financial fear with markets worldwide reacting to the news. what will it mean when wall street opens for business in the morning? we begin with new developments in the violence that rocked a
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neighborhood. four are dead including two teenagers, the result of an apparent murder-suicide. thanks for joining us at 6:00, i'm will thomas. friends and neighbors on wood street in brooklyn park maryland are asking one major question tonight, were signs of trouble missed? >> reporter: anne arundel police are trying to find out what lead a man to shoot his family then turn the gun on himself. neighbors woke up this morning to officers canvassing what was a quiet community. >> we were standing at the front door and we seen the mother come off the steps and about a minute and a half tworks minutes later you hear a -- a minute and a half, two minutes later you hear a pop. >> you heard the pop. >> yeah. >> reporter: anne arundel police responded to the home after getting a call from a woman that received a disturbing text message from
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her son. neighbors say they never saw signs of trouble. >> there was no indications that he was depressed or going through anything. just -- i don't know. it's crazy. like i say, they were great people. very, very respectful family. >> reporter: that's how everyone in this patriotic and tranquil neighborhood describes the family that lived at the 60 block of wood street in brooklyn park, maryland. but sunday morning, behind closed doors, officers discovered the bodies of an adult female and two teenage kids along with a man suffering from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. neighbors say there is no history of domestic violence and no clear indication of financial hardship. the question is, what went wrong. >> i was especially surprised. like i say, we sat at the neighbor's house the other evening talking about his motorcycle. he said, yeah, i will get a new one. i said i would be interested in
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the one you got. he said, you can have it. i said i'll buy it from you. he said don't worry about it. i'm getting a high booster. my brother-in-law and him were supposed to get it today. >> plans that were never carried out. the news is bringing the close knit community even closer. >> we will get flowers and candles and a cross and put it down on the steps just for the remembrance. >> reporter: investigators are not releasing the names of the family members. major damage to this house in riverdale, prince george county where an s.u.v. drove into it. it happened after 4:00 this morning near route 1. it sheared off the front wall of the house and left the living room visible from the street. the man who owns the home described what it felt like. >> i heard the noise and the whole house coming down. i just heard the car running. i have three kids. i see a car inside the house
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and the guy tried to run away from the house and the neighbor came and we catch him. >> the driver was arrested for dui. all five people in the house and both people in the car were fine but the house has been condemned. the homeowner said he spent about $95,000 remodeling. a man is dead after police used a stun gun to subdue him. debro wilkerson was trying to be subdued. medics used the stun gun trying to arrest him. turning to the developing story in afghanistan, a chopper shot down killing 30 american troops, most of them navy seals. today people came to the navy memorial on pennsylvania avenue in northwest to pay their
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respects to the seals that died when the chopper went down early saturday morning. they brought flowers and flags assigns of their sorrow and appreciation. the deadliest attack in the afghan war is hitting hard. the downed chopper was heading in to help army rangers that came under fire. peter ---peter doocy takes a closer look. >> reporter: sadness and sorrow is what senator john mccain feels. >> we are in a transition in afghanistan. the effort that they are making their is one that is important to our national security in this transition. notice their were seven afghans there. members of a commando force part of the transition that is taking place. so, i think, we have to find out what happened.
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i will be very interested to see sort of who might have been involved. >> reporter: senator kerry said the withdrawal of american troops is going well and that we are not getting out of afghanistan completely because we will leave behind enough forces to stop the taliban from taking over. but republican senator john mccain says that's not the right way to view it. mccain says the president did not listen closely to the commanders on the ground and because of that, the world may soon think we are weak. >> we made significant successes. our prayers and thoughts go out to the families of those brave, brave, elite of our elite that sacrificed but at the same time we have to address the sanctuary situation and we have to address the problem that the president has created and that is that out there there is the perception, afghanistan and other parts of the country -- that part of the world that america is withdrawing. that can't be good. >> reporter: mccain says we
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have to avoid condemning afghan people to the rule of the taliban and that it's possible if we don't move wisely. the heat and humidity was out in full force today. that didn't stop these folks from enjoying a sunday out in silver spring, a lot with bikes trying to get food outdoors. we could be in for storms tonight. gwen tolbart is in the weather center. some storms have moved in? >> absolutely. we have them on our doorstep. let's begin with a look at our maps. this is seven tennal radar. storms south of the d.c. area moving through to the east and there are pockets of heavy rainfall in this as well. i want to let people know that they are moving quickly, 25 to 35 miles per hour. today's highs, hot and sticky 97 at national. 93 baltimore. right now temperatures are up there in the 80s and upper 70s and 90s but it feels like it's
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about 100 degrees in some of our neighborhoods. hot and muggy tonight. storms end about midnight. we will have the full forecast just ahead. back to you. >> thank you. firefighters spent the day putting out flames in london. this is after violent protests left dozens of police officers hurt. we are staying on top of the developing situation in the uk for you. that is coming up next. the u.s. credit rating downgrade is fueling financial fears all across the globe. from members of congress to debt experts right here we have your sunday talk show round up. 1p
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extra police officers on the treats of london and close eyes on social networks after hours of rioting and looting in the northern end of the city. peaceful protests over a murder turned into a rampage. rioters destroyed a double decker bus, police malls. 26 officers were hurt trying to calm the rioters. 55 people were arrested. social network web sites filled up with rumors of our riots planned but police told the public not to trust everything they see online. assessing the damage from a downgrade in the nation's credit rating and what can be done to boost our economy. those were the big debates on the sunday talk shows today. mike hydeck has your wrap up. >> reporter: what was standard and poor's thinking when
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despite a debt deal on capitol hill, it downgraded america's credit rating anyway? that was the question to s&p's david beirs sunday. >> there is a mild deterioration in the u.s.'s credit standing. it's about the difficulty of all sides in finding a consensus around fiscal policy choices now and in the future. >> reporter: he told chris wallace that gridlock doesn't bode well for discipline. >> it is rising and will continue to rise, most likely the next decade. >> reporter: the next and harder question, what can be done. >> the president has proposed a series of steps that he thinks we should take including extending the parole tax cut and unemployment insurance and infrastructure bank to get construction workers back rebuilding this country. >> reporter: rebuilding the economy won't be easy. motte analysts say the solution
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has to involve cuts in the entitlement programs and tax reform that increases revenue. refusal to budge on either of those is part of what lead to the market mess but some see a crisis mind-set emerging. >> we have to be states men here. we have to find the happy middle ground of compromise and common sense. >> we need to take on entitlements and we need to reform the tax code so it's flatter and fairer. >> reporter: congressman paul ryan maybe on that select committee but he doesn't have high hopes. >> i will do this but i want to make sure people understand that i don't think this is going to be a committee that will fix all the fiscal problems. >> reporter: finally from alan greenspan -- >> a general view out there that we will somehow solve this problem without paying. there is no conceivable scenario in which that is true. >> reporter: a sober assessment of the long road ahead.
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mike hydeck, fox 5 news. in -- melony all week, fox five news. a hot and sticky sunday across the region. what can we expect for the workweek? a live look outside right now may be an indication, storms. the full forecast is coming your way
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chances are you heard about the benefits of a yoga workout. one group of women is seeing the results. fox's kelcey sobi explains. >> with each breath and stretch, these women seek a sense of peace as their bodies and lives are changing in significant ways. >> fears and excitement, kind of a roller coaster depending on your day. >> reporter: this first time mother and others are not trying to escape the stretch of new responsibilities and upcoming child labor. they are preparing. >> sacred space, sacred time. to start listening tour baby, start listening to your body. >> reporter: though some bodies are farther along tha others--
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>> we have moms that have been at 42 weeks. >> reporter: they share two main goals, connecting to their babies and making child labor easier. >> i feel a connection and i feel more relaxed and that the baby is getting more oxygen. >> reporter: writ thick breathing she got in yoga helped her through the first pregnancy. >> i had a long painful labor. >> reporter: there is limited ben information on the benefits of prenatal yoga. yoga during pregnancy is safe and improved birth weight and decreases preterm labor. a study in thigh land found that they ex-perriansed shorter and more comfortable labor than those that did not. >> every day it gives you more confidence. you feel that you have a community of women around you because they have been doing it
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for centuries. >> look at these women. they maybe gained 50 pounds with these big bellies. some have twins, triplets. it's gorgeous. >> reporter: the experience doesn't have to end once you give birth. then there is a class for you and your child where you can continue to rest, oxygenate and connect with your child. bring your on baby of course. whether you are a dog lover, cat lover, there is time to make room in your home for a new friend. gwen likes this one. an adopt-a-thon weekend. the event is going on right now and goes until 8:00 tonight. they adopted out at least 105 dogs and cats. great work out there. many need forever homes and actually you get to decide how much you pay to make the pets a member of your family. you can read more about this on
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our web site, >> i love dogs. >> a lot of work. >> i always tell people don't leave your pets out in the extreme heat. >> when you walk them in the rain, they track everything inside. a lost folks got caught in the rain. >> we have more on the way. we will talk about that. a live look outside. hot and sticky, muggy, you name it, hazy out there. some of you were already in areas where the rain is coming down and we are getting thunderstorms. so, we will show you what is happening. a few storms in the forecast tonight. they won't be around all night long but be prepared if you are heading out. the week will be hot and muggy. we have storms in the forecast again. then we have a ridge of high pressure kicking in and we will go back to seasonal temperatures. today we were far from seasonal temperatures. highs 97 at national. 93 at dulles. the same at baltimore.
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those temperatures from 7 to 8 degrees above the seasonal average for the day and it's warm and sticky out there. 79 at d.c. 81 gaithersburg. 86 at dulles. winchester 86. cumberland 88 degrees. 83 at baltimore. we have 90 degrees here in leonard town and to the south. up the atlantic, 75 boston. 86 new york. richmond a hot 95 at this hour. in some areas it feels a lot warmer than that. you factor in the temperature and the humidity and here is what it feels like when you step outside. 105 in fredricksburg. hot and sweaty. feels like 98 in manassas. that is a good indication of what we are dealing with. we have been keeping our eyes on these temperatures because we keep going up and down. look at the heat along the deep south. all of this is pushing its way up toward us. we will get a break behind a frontal system coming our way. that will start to cool us down as we move through to the later part of the week at least.
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in the meantime, 78 right now. 84% humidity. southwesterly wind at 14. we have storms -- boy did that go by fast. that was the radar i was going to show you. the storms are kicking in. we have storms moving across central v. they are heading from 25 to 35 miles per hour. some have strong gusty winds as well as a lot of clouds to ground lightning and heavy downpours. be aware of that if you are heading out. not quite out of the clear. we have a short wave that we are dealing with with the hot humid air mass. we will have the frontal system gradually push its way toward us, slide to the mid-atlantic. suny day. storms end about midnight. hot, hazy and humid. the ridge of high pressure will build in behind it. by tuesday, we will see a little bit of a break. the later part of the week even better. tuesday some storms. midday tomorrow, 90 degrees. another hot and steamy day for
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tomorrow. mostly sunny skies at least. tonight muggy, sticky, humid, 75. your daytime high for tomorrow will be a hot 95 degrees. it will feel warmer than that because of the humidity. five-day forecast, showing you storms as we move through into tuesday. be prepared for that. a ridge of high pressure clears us out. hump day then the end of the week we are back to seasonal temperatures. into the 80s, very much welcome when you deal with mid-90s that we had at the beginning of the week. with the heat indices reaching to 100 degrees or so. >> i'm reeling from 105 in fredricksburg. hopefully you are inside in the air-conditioning. get the popcorn ready for the teen choice awards. take a look at some of the swaying. the company that put the preshow party together is called backstage creations. they are hoping to get these products into the hands of the teen stars and families so everyone will want them.
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the paparazzi will shoot them wearing it. justin bieber, the kardashians and live performances from wil- iam.
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stephen strasburg entered a new phase of recovery. he pitched in the first rehab
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start with the hagerstown suns. the limit was set at 30 pitches. he left with two outs in the second inning. in the first, strasburg struck out the first two batters then gave up a single before heading with a ground out. in the second strike out, home run, single strikeout before being pulled due to the pitch count. all in all he threw 31 pitches, 25 for strikes and he hit the high 90s. john gets some support from johnny gems. he smacks a two-run shot to left. first home run as a national. rockies then tie it up. in the end, jason worth unties it. gnats beat colorado 3-2 splitting the four game series. the o's finished up their series with the blue jays.
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ball advertise stay lines one into -- baltista lines one into right field. o's down five when mark reynolds blasts the second homer of the game. estimated at 450 feet. that is the second longest hit by an orioles at camden yard but in a losing effort. the redskins were off today but players nursing injuries had to go to the park for treatment. this includes john beck who tweaked his groin yesterday. they will resume practice tomorrow at 8:30 in preparation for the preseason opener friday. the redskins made the transition last year from a 4-3 defense to 3-4. it didn't come without growing pains as they gave up the most yards in the league there. are new faces including the safety, quarterback, and lineman. d'angelo hall things things
6:26 pm
will be okay. >> this year, another year under our belt, we understand what is required of us and, we kind of fixed the personnel problems. we have guys that we feel can help us win games. defense will be definitely improved. >> roddick taking on gayle monfesf. the 32-year-old is the oldest player in the top 100. the french man is running all over the place. stepanek wins the match. 5th title. he celebrates with his version of the worm. we love that. the bridgestone invitational, final round, tiger woods entered at one over par.
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strong finish after birdieing 15. he would birdie that hall and get another on 17. he finishes at one over for the tournament after missing the last three months. but it was steve williams who ends up the winner. on the bag for adam scott, a bogey free 17 under. adam scott is a four-shot winner over ricky fowler and luke donald. >> adam scott, huh? >> that has to be weird for tiger. if you are afraid of heights you may want to close your eyes. talk about a close call for a chinese tight rope walker, he nearly fell attempting to cross a wire suspended more than 400 feet above the ground. the stunt was carried out between the two hot air balloons. then about halfway across a strong air current forced him to lose his balance. you saw what happened.
6:28 pm
he slipped but hung on by wrapping his arms and legs around the wire then pulled himself back on the line. this is unbelievable. here he is walking, slips, catches himself. he survives this. he eventually finishes the journey and gets back on the ground. that's it for 6:00. we are back at 10:00 and news edge at 11:00. 
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